We make English Wheels, Lower Anvils, Tank Rolls, Hand Hammers, Hammer Dies, CP Dies, Watervliet dies,


Our Team

Joseph Andrews & Peggy


We are a small mom and Pops Company, we take a lot of pride in our work. What sets us apart from others is I have knowledge of Tooling going back over 35 years. I've made dies since the Early 80's for Hot Forging, as well as Cold Heading Machines.

Understanding steel and what happens to it when Under a load is Valuable when choosing Material and Heat treating

Our adjuster vs. anybody else's? There is no comparison, Ours is a real adjuster and can be mounted on top or bottom. Most everyone else's are Trailer jacks and when turned upside down will fall apart.

Our Lower cradle is laser cut for maximum panel clearance, and it's adjustable.

Our upper Lifter/Yoke/ Cradle is where the quick release is at, do you have to have one? No but the first time you wheel a panel with a Flange (Turned Edge) on it you will be glad you have it. We have the only upper quick release in the world.

Our wheels are ALL Guaranteed to Spin True within .001, Nobody Else other than Kent White (the Tin man) Guarantees this. We sell to Many different Manufactures also.

We've recut wheels made by others, and had them Hardened so guys like you can use them, I'm not saying all the other Crap out there is Junk But ..... If you decide to go with the Other Crap we'll be here if you need some Help.

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