bead dies

embossing dies $125.00

Bead Dies- Harbor Freight, eastwood,  Pexto, Woodward Fab, Pro Tools  Starting @ $129.99

3pc Harbor Freight Tipping set


For custom bead dies send in a Drawing, molded radius's made out of clay, or send us an email let us know what you need! We would like to make your dies for you.

1/2" Pexto 622 Tank Roll $129.99

When Ordering Dies We need this information !

pexto tipping set $129.99

all tank rolls 2" machines are now $129.99

all tank rolls 3" machines are now $139.99

Custom bead dies 2" machines $139.99

custom bead dies 3" machines $149.99

we make embossing dies, bead dies, tank rolls, tipping sets,  custom dies, for many different machines  Like:

Harbor Freight, Eastwood, Woodward Fab, Metz, Pro Tool, Bailey, Pexto, Roper Whitney, Mitler Bros Etc.

pexto 622 bead dies $129.99

Radius Dies $129.99

What we need from you to make dies:

1). What is the distance between centers when both shafts are parallel ?

2). what is the length and diameter of shafts where dies set?

3). does your dies have set screws or keyways? 

​4). ​For Bead Dies, we need to know: how deep and how wide you want

​the bead to be...