1/2" Pexto 622 Tank Roll $129.99

pexto 622 bead dies $129.99

Radius Dies $129.99

3pc Harbor Freight Tipping set


What we need from you to make dies:

1). What is the distance between centers when both shafts are parallel ?

2). what is the length and diameter of shafts where dies set?

3). does your dies have set screws or keyways? 

​4). ​For Bead Dies, we need to know: how deep and how wide you want

​the bead to be...

all tank rolls 2" machines are now $129.99

all tank rolls 3" machines are now $139.99

Custom bead dies 2" machines $139.99

custom bead dies 3" machines $149.99

When Ordering Dies We need this information !

embossing dies $125.00

pexto tipping set $129.99

For custom bead dies send in a Drawing, molded radius's made out of clay, or send us an email let us know what you need! We would like to make your dies for you.

we make embossing dies, bead dies, tank rolls, tipping sets,  custom dies, for many different machines  Like:

Harbor Freight, Eastwood, Woodward Fab, Metz, Pro Tool, Bailey, Pexto, Roper Whitney, Mitler Bros Etc.

Bead Dies- Harbor Freight, eastwood,  Pexto, Woodward Fab, Pro Tools  Starting @ $129.99

bead dies