22 mm Bead Roller

Thanks for purchasing our adjuster for the Import 22mm Bead Roller. There are 2 things to watch for :

1) The larger bolt is screwed in as far as what it can go.

​If you need a shorter bolt for a skinny frame you will need to supply it.

If your Frame is skinnier than the gap simply put a washer or spacer on to make up the distance.

If you screw the bolt in deeper it will crush the bronze bushing.

2) The black thread locking collar has a locking screw that will most likely rub on your frame.

Grind a small notch in the frame so the screw does not come into contact with the frame.

This adjuster uses a 3/8-16 pitch screw, Every revolution move the shafts together exactly .0625

Having the repeatability is key to art work and to being able to consistently achieve the same results.


under construction

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