info you need when Building your english wheel frame using our products

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For the Dimensions:

Our Adjuster is 7.25" Tall but with the Quill Fully Retracted there is 1/4" of it still hanging out.

So Consider that 1/4" into your Frames Clearance Between Wheels.

From the back side of the mounting Plate (what touches the frame) to the center Line of  the adjuster it is Exactly 1.500"

Using an 8" Upper Wheel held in our Upper Lifter the overall Height is Exactly 10". ( If using a 9" Upper then it's 10.5")

For the Lower Cradle Holding a 3" Anvil its overall Height is 3.5" ( Leave about 3/16" to a 1/4" underneath the Lower Cradle to use the adjusting screws in the base of the Cradle).

Things to consider when designing Your Frame...........

Your Machine is Always going to be at it's Strongest when the Quill is Retracted BUT... Keep in mind if your starting with an 8" upper wheel and later on Might put on a 9"  Then you should extend the Quill inside the adjuster by a 1/2" to account for that Larger wheel later.

If Later you plan on putting a Larger Diameter Upper or Lower wheel and you don't have any adjustment you won't be able too.

This is not a Big Deal because Most Guys end up Putting smaller wheels, or more Narrow wheels in for different applications like Tipping or Bending.

I like to Leave about an Extra 1/4" Between the wheels when the Lifter is in the Position to work. From this point the Quill has Minimal Extending to do.

Remember Our Lifter can move the Upper Wheel 1/2" Off the Panel when it's engaged. 


Choose from 2", 3", or a 4" Large version ( Holds Wheels up to 9" Diameter)

Large Lifter Axle Center line to the Top of the Lifter is 6.00"

(Remember to add Half the Diameter of the Upper Wheel to Get your Overall Length Dimension form Lifter top

to bottom of Wheel).

We also supply you the 1/2-13 Flat Head Screw used to Attach this to your Machine.


2" Version for smaller Machines ( Holds Wheels up to 6.5" diameter)

Small Lifter Axle center line to the Top of the Lifter is 4.50"

( Remember to add Half the Diameter of the Upper Wheel to get your Overall Length Dimension from the Lifter to the

Bottom of the Wheel)

We also Supply you the 1/2 - 13 flat Head Screw used to Attach this to your Machine.