bead roller adjuster $182.00

Dimple dies $435.00  set

​hand hammer with UHMW heads & steel heads ​$220.00

we have adjusters, lifters, and cradles  in stock

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Complete sets

 (comes with everything to attach to your frame, start wheeling)

Complete sets

comes with adjuster, lifter, lower cradle axles and bearings and wheels

3x8 upper wheel,3x3 hard lowers   $1825.00

4x9 upper wheel, 3x3 hard lowers  $1988.00

​3x8 upper wheel, 2x3 hard lowers  $1665.00

Combo sets:

(Only Upper and Lower Wheels)

comes with axles and bearings

Non hard Lower wheels  

3x8 upper & 3x3 lowers $868.00

3x8 upper & 2x3 lowers ​$842.00

4x9 upper & 3x3 lowers ​$1150.00

4x9 upper & 3.5 x 3.5 lowers ​$1540.00


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