upper wheel prices

2 x 6 Hardened Upper Wheel $352.00

2 x 8 Hardened Upper Wheel $435.00

3 x 8 Hardened Upper Wheel $568.00

3 x 8 Edwards Upper Wheel $568.00

3 x 9 Hardened Upper Wheel $645.00

4 x 9 Hardened Upper Wheel $745.00

5 X 9 Hardened Upper Wheel $875.00

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We Use 4140 Steel for our Upper Wheels
4140 has a Lot of Chrome in it as well as other Metals which in combination make it an alloy steel. Most other makers of English Wheels use 1018 which is high in Iron and lead, 1018 is like Machining Butter or Brass.
4140 in Contrast is like Stainless Steel, it's Tough as Hell, and it can be Heat Treated all the way through the part (just like stainless).
We always unless the Customer request, Harden our Upper wheels all the way through.
We do this for a couple reasons:
1). The Upper wheel generally is working the surface of the panel being made, By Hardening and polishing it the wheel is able to Roll without leaving any Marks and it smooth's the Surface. 
2). It's hard also because if you Roll a Hard Weld or a chunk of Carbine grit from sandpaper, Flapper disk, or whatever through the wheels then both the upper and Lower would get a little pits or dents in them. By Hardening the upper it Guarantees that it's surface will remain smooth and anything hard will be pushed into the softer lower anvil.

English wheels

customer ordered 3" x 12' Upper wheel

No Longer available